Cornucopia is a 3-dimensional reconstruction of a red barn and silo frequently found on North American food packaging. Food manufacturers use this iconic image of the small American family farm, regardless of the actual production place and methods, as a vehicle to sell their products.

The work was developed and built during a four week residency at Ming Studios in Boise, Idaho, US. After the exhibition it moved to Peaceful Belly Farm in Dry Creek Valley, in the Boise Foothills, essentially recreating the imagery that it was derived from (43°43'58.2"N 116°16'11.3"W). In 2018 it moved with the farm to Sunny Slope in Caldwell, ID, where it remains until today. (43°36'10.5"N 116°47'38.2"W)

2014 | wood, paint, aluminum | barn: 214 cm x 250 cm x 367 cm, silo: 275 cm x 90 cm ⌀

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