Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer is part of a series of works about psychological tricks and optical illusions in supermarkets. The work references the common use of mirrors in fresh produce isles to create the impression of abundance.
Visual abundance triggers primeval instincts. For example a tree full of fruits or a bush full of berries is a phenomenon that in nature only lasts for a brief amount of time. We have evolved to make use of this abundance and gather as much as we can while it lasts. Supermarkets use the same effect to make consumers buy more then they actually need.
This optical trick, along with the ever increasing amount food imports, contributes to the illusion that the diversity of our food supply is increasing not declining.
Supermarkets sell the same low-quality fruits all year long. The food industries term for this blurred seasonality is "permanent global summertime".

2011 | wood, mirrors, glass, lights, aluminum, artificial fruits | ~84cm x ~54cm x ~54cm

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