Shelf Life

A spectral arrangement of fluorescent lights that are commonly used in supermarkets to enhance the appearance of freshness of displayed food items.

Shelf Life
(North America)

From top to bottom:
• Refrigerated Counters & Deep Freezers
• Red Meat
• Meat, Seafood, Deli, Produce, Pastries & Floral
• Meat Cases, Product Counters, Flower Displays & Dairy Case
• Pastries, Donuts, Cakes, Breads
• Bakery, Donuts, Gold Toned Items

2014 | fluorescent light bulbs, fixtures | 283 cm x 123 cm

Shelf Life

From top to bottom:
• Beef and Smoked Sausages
• Pork and Poultry
• Produce and Dairy
• Cheese and Smoked Fish
• Baked Goods

2011 | fluorescent light bulbs, fixtures, cables, cast aluminum case | 250 cm x 123 cm

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