Previous exhibitions and events:

Lange Nacht Der Bilder

14th of September 2018

B.L.O. Ateliers

Kaskelstr. 55
10317 Berlin, Germany


From Inspiration to Integration

August 25th - September 27th

Woods Gerry Gallery

62 Prospect Street
Providence, RI 02903
United States

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80 Years of the Nature Lab

The Nature Lab at RISD is pleased to announce Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration, an exhibition curated in collaboration with William Myers that marks the culmination of its 80th anniversary celebrations. The exhibition runs from Aug 25 - Sept 27, with a half-day symposium and opening reception on Aug 24. It showcases recent examples of design and art that inform our complex relationship with nature and help us decipher how it may evolve in the future.

To launch the exhibition Nature Lab is hosting a half-day symposium that brings together international artists, designers, scientists and educators for talks, discussions and presentations on topics such as valuing non-human forms of life as collaborators, artistic and scientific modes of inquiry, and ethical considerations in bioart and biodesign practices.

The opening of the exhibition also marks the release of the 2018 edition of Biodesign: Nature + Science + Creativity (MoMA).

Half-Day Symposium + Opening Reception August 24

1 PM - 5PM — Symposium
5:30 PM - 7:30PM — Opening Reception

Participating artists / projects:

Hy-Fi and Bio-processing Software - David Benjamin / The Living
Mycelium architecture, made in collaboration with Ecovative and 3M.

Zoa - Natalia Krasnodebska / Modern Meadow
Leather grown using yeasts that secrete collagen, and grown completely without animal derivatives.

The Built Environment Microbiome - BioBE Center / Jessica Green, Sue Ishaq and Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
The BioBE conducts research into the built environment microbiome, mapping the indoor microbiome, with an eye towards pro-biotic architecture.

Zea Mays / Cultivar Series - Uli Westphal
Newly commissioned corn study, this project highlights maize’s evolution through interaction with humans.

Harvest / Interwoven - Diana Scherer
Artist coaxes root systems plant root systems into patterns.

Fifty Sisters & Morphogenesis - Jon McCormack
Artist algorithmically generates images that mimic evolutionary growth, but tweaks them to include aesthetics of the logos of global petroleum producing corporations.

Organ on a Chip - Wyss Institute
Wyss Institute creates microchips that recapitulate the functions of living human organs, offering a potential alternative to animal testing.

AgroDerivatives: Permutations on Generative Citizenship - Mae-Ling Lokko
This project proposes labor, production criteria and circulation of capital within agrowaste/bioadhesive upcycling ecosystems.

New Experiments in Mycelium - Ecovative
Ecovative makes prototypes of mycelium items such as insulation, soundproofing tiles, surfboards, lampshades.

Bistro in Vitro - Next Nature Network
Performance with speculative future foods samples. The installation will include video screens and a cookbook on a table display.

Raw Earth Construction - Miguel Ferreira Mendes
This project highlights an ancient technique that uses soil, focusing on how soil is living.

Burial Globes: Rat Models - Kathy High
This project presents glass globes that hold the ashes of the five HLA-B27 transgenic rats, each one named and remembered: Echo, Flowers, Tara, Matilda, Star.

To Flavour Our Tears - Center for Genomic Gastronomy
Set up as an experimental restaurant, this project places humans back into the foodchain — investigating the human body as a food source for other species.

Blood Related - Basse Stittgen
A series of compressed blood objects—inspired by Hemacite objects made from blood/sawdust compressed in a process invented in the late 19th century—highlights bloodwaste in the slaughterhouse industry.

Silk Poems - Jen Bervin
A poem made from a six-character chain represents the DNA structure of silk, it refers to the silkworm's con-structure of a cocoon, and addresses the ability of silk to be used as a bio sensor, implanted under people's skin.

Zoe: A Living Sea Sculpture - Colleen Flanigan
Zoe is an underwater structure, part of coral restoration research, that regenerates corals in areas highly impacted by hurricanes, human activity and pollution.

Aquatic Life Forms - Mikhail Mansion
Computationally generated lifeforms animated using motion-based data captured from Arelia aurita.

Algae Powered Digital Clock - Fabienne Felder
By turning electrons produced during photosynthesis and bacterial digestion into electricity, algae will be used to power a small digital clock.

A Place for Plastics - Megan Valanidas
This designer presents a new process of making bioplastics that are bio-based, biodegradable AND compostable

Data Veins & Flesh Voxels - Ani Liu
This project explores how technology influences our notion of being human from different points of view, with a focus on exploring the relationship between our bodies as matter and as data.

Pink Chicken Project - Studio (Non)human (Non)sense/ Leo Fidjeland & Linnea Våglund
By changing the color of chickens to pink, this project rejects the current violence inflicted upon the non-human world and poses questions of the impact and power of synthetic biology.

Orly & Holubice

Eagles & Doves / Adler & Tauben

August 17 – Oktober 28, 2018
Opening: August 16th, 6 pm - 8 pm

Kunsthalle Bratislava

Nám. SNP 12
Bratislava, Slovakia

What is the form of national identity today? What influence do various symbols exert upon it? Can we positively identify with a nation without nationalistic and xenophobic overlays? The exhibition Eagles & Doves presents works by contemporary Slovak and German artists who respond to these difficult questions with broad perspective, criticism and humour, in a playful and open manner. Contemporary art can be actually a medium of intercultural communication: the encounter, not the clash, of cultures. The exhibition project was developed in cooperation with the Goethe Institute in Bratislava on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its foundation in Slovakia.

Curated by Lenka Kukurová & Omar Mirza

Exhibiting artists:

Ulf Aminde (DE) | Tomáš Džadoň (SK) | Hans Haacke (DE) | Monika & Bohuš Kubinskí (SK) | Stano Masár (SK) | Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič (SK) | Henrike Naumann (DE) | Erik Sikora (SK) | Ivana Šáteková (SK) | Anna Tretter (DE) | Nasan Tur (DE) | Uli Westphal (DE) | Suse Weber (DE) | Anna Witt (DE)

Image above: Ivana Šáteková

Artist Talk @ MING Studios

October 19th, 7PM

MING Studios
420 S 6th St
Boise, Idaho 83702, USA

Eat Me
Food in Art and Design

23rd of September 2017 - 21st of May 2018

Trapholt - Museum of Modern Art And Design

Æblehaven 23
6000 Kolding

Works by:
Sarah Lucas | Helen Chadwich | Erwin Wurm | John Isaccs | Honey & Bunny | Antoni Miralda | Thomas Rentmeister | Tyran Simon | Dimitri Tsykalov | Jana Sterbak | L.A. Raven | Arpad Dobriban | Anya Gallaccio | Marije Vogelsang | Jeon Jinhyun | Marco Evaristti | Dan Bannino | Nielsen & Johnsen | Liu Susiraja | Simone Bruehl | Elisabeth Willing | Søren Dahlgaard | Tom Velthuis | Jonas Edvard | Trine Lyngholm | Jette Loween | Katja Bjørn | Rose Eken | Anja Franke | Cloe Rutzerveld | Kurt van Mensvoort | Ellie Harrison | Superflex | Johannes Nyholm | Studio Three | Uli Westphal

Sticky Business
The Temptation of Sugar in Art

16th of September 2017 - 18th of February 2018

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Hoogstraat 112
3111 HL Schiedam
The Netherlands

Works by:
Dan Bannino | Noraly Bever | Djonga Bismar | Boris van Berkum | Katja Bjørn | Karel Doing | Jonas Etter | Van Brummelen & De Haan | Roland Hicks | John Isaacs | Mubuku Kipala's | Joseph Mar | Bompas & Parr | Pip & Pop | Matine Poot | L.A. Raeven | Studio Lernert & Sander | Johanna Schmeer | Helmut Smits | Zineb Sedira | Domenico Tedone | Caro Verbeek | Driessens & Verstappen | Marije Vogelzang | Kollektiv Plus Zwei | Uli Westphal

Bologna Food Art Week

22nd - 29th of September 2017

Main event from 22nd - 24th of September at

Serre dei Giardini Margherita / Kilowatt

Via Castiglione, 134/136
40136, Bologna

Satellite events in different locations from 25th - 29th of September

Lange Nacht der Bilder

Friday, 15th of September 2017, 6 PM - Midnight

BLO Ateliers

Kaskelstr. 55
10317 Berlin, Germany


7th to 14th July 2017

Berlin, Germany

Curated by Tainá Guedes/ Entretempo Kitchen Gallery
Co-curated by Stephanie von Behr
"contemporary art, food and community for positive social change"

The Berlin Food Art Week is a festival of food and contemporary art in Berlin taking place in one main Location during the weekend 7-.9 of July and in different locations in Berlin, during the 10-14 of July.

Main Location:
Hallesches Haus
Tempelhofer Ufer 1
10961 Berlin, Germany

Official Opening on 7th of July, 7pm
Exhibition, Performances, Food Art and Party

The Berlin Food Art Week has a special focus on food sustainability, animals and human rights and environmental-social-economic issues, with this year's theme 'vs.Meat'.

More info here:

Ultraviolet Schnitzel?

Artist talk with Uli Westphal

Hosted by Food Art Week and DAS KAPiTAL

11th of July 2017, 22:22


Karl-Marx-Platz 18
12043 Berlin, Germany

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Art Safari 32

17th - 18th of June 2017

Studio BUBEC
Tělovýchovná 748
155 00 Praha-Řeporyje, Czechia

Works by

Jakub Berdych, Michal Cimala, Jiří David, Ivana Hanzlíková, Vendula Chalánková, Josefína Jonášová, Maud Kotasová, Jiří Kovanda, Jan Kovařík, Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Eliška Lhotská, Tomáš Medek, Ondřej Oliva, Karin Písaříková, Míla Preslová, Veronika Raffajová, Marek Rejent, Lucie Schubertová, Tomáš Svoboda, Dagmar Urbánková, Martin Velíšek, Uli Westphal, Diana Winklerová, Dušan Váňa.

Curated by Daniela Kramerová


12th of March - 18th of June 2017

Museum der Brotkultur
Salzstadelgasse 10
89073 Ulm, Germany

A Moment Before…

17th - 18th of January 2017

Dokhuis Galerie
Plantagedoklaan 8-12
1018CM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Featuring the photography series "One Third" by Klaus Pichler & "Mutatoes" by Uli Westphal

Organized by Foundation Taste Before You Waste

For more information and the program, please take a look at:

표준자연 | Quality Control

Han Seok Hyun & Uli Westphal

31st of August - 4th of November 2016

8F, Sky Plaza Gallery, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Korea

Paris Food Art Week

16th - 18th of September 2016

Freegan Pony
Place Auguste Baron
75019 Paris, France


4th of October - 4th of December 2016

Artwall Gallery

Praha, Czech Republic